Quantum Healing Reiki

What is Quantum Healing Reiki?

Quantum Healing Reiki uses life-force energy (known as ‘chi’ in Chinese and ‘prana’ in Sanskrit) to facilitate healing by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. A high frequency of life-force energy is created and then using that energy the practitioner is able to place this field of high energy around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease. Doing this process is understood to amplify our body’s natural healing ability. 


What is the difference between standard Reiki and Quantum Healing Reiki?

Quantum Healing Reiki is not seen as a power that can be given by one practitioner to another like standard Reiki. Instead, it is a trained skill — a system of meditations, methods for being more aware of the body, and patterns of breathing. This system is supposed to give the practitioner the ability to focus and control the life energy into an optimal state. The healer then attempts to bring the client’s life energy into the same state so that client can heal him/herself. The actual practice of Quantum Healing Reiki involves passing the hands over the person receiving the healing, as in standard Reiki. However, the Reiki healer is considered a channel or conduit of the energy, while the Quantum Healing Reiki practitioner is seen as having a more active role.

Practitioners of Quantum Healing Reiki sometimes claim that their method is much faster than standard Reiki, that it produces much more dramatic results or that it is a breakthrough in comparison to standard Reiki. However, practitioners of both systems make dramatic claims. Neither system should be used in place of proper medical treatment, although either system can be used to complement medical treatment depending on your own views.

All individual sessions are done in-person in my office.

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