Empath Coaching

Empath Coaching Program

Are you tired of being told you are “too sensitive”? Tired of fighting to clear the confusion from your heart and the pain from your body because the world is too overwhelming? Are you an Empath and need help learning tools and skills that can help you to feel energized, not exhausted? This program is for you if you are deeply affected by the emotions of others (and basically everything around you) to the point where you feel other people’s feelings in your own body. “Empathizing” is an understatement for what you naturally do.

As an intuitive empath I have spent over 35 years learning to understand and embrace my highly sensitive nervous system and unique view of the world.  From where I stand now I believe that empaths are ahead of their time. They are sensitive in ways that others have not yet learned to be. When someone discovers they are an empath, life begins to make sense. All of the suffering, confusion and the extreme sensitivity comes into focus and the journey begins to reclaim your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-love.  You were never taught how to navigate the world with an empathic nervous system. Picking up the emotions from others overwhelmed you to the point of losing all sense of self. So of course you felt like you didn’t belong. As a clinical therapist as well as an empath, I have a theory that many (not all) people who are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, actually are misdiagnosed with those disorders, and are in fact simply…Empaths! These people are feeling things randomly every day and they are unsure why. They have no known triggers. What’s happening is that they are actually picking up on other people’s energies and mistakenly thinking that it’s their own moods and feelings that are changing. I also believe that this is also why we have seen a global rise in suicide in the last several years. People are awakening and more and more empaths are being born into a world where they don’t understand their own gifts, and the world as a whole isn’t teaching them how to deal with their gifts. This sparks countless cases of depression and not feeling accepted or feeling different; thinking something is wrong with them…and suicide becomes a viable option. It is my hope that through this program, I can help educate people on empaths and their amazing gifts, and that these gifts and abilities are something to be treasured… not hated.

In our coaching sessions you will learn how to:

1. Ground yourself to the earth and sky, receiving the pure and true living energies that bring you back to yourself.
2. Heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
3. Discover who you are when you are not overwhelmed and confused.
4. Live as a Fifth Dimensional being in a Third Dimensional body.
5. Be present and confident no matter who is around you.
6. Trust the intuitive messages that arise out of your sensitivities.
7. Distinguish between what belongs to you and what doesn’t.
8. Clear energy in the moment so that you feel lighter right away
9. Shield negative energy and have clear boundaries while also staying open and aware


During a session, I will pinpoint any underlying issues that are contributing to any negative patterns or health problems you might be experiencing. I will also pinpoint where being an Empath is causing you problems and help you to solve them as fast as possible. The main thing is that my coaching is not a one-size-fits-all program. I focus in on you as an individual and pride myself in finding exactly the right solutions for whatever you are dealing with.


Providing one-on-one private coaching focusing on guiding you through your struggles as an empath, including energy protection, how to distinguish your energy from others, and appropriately channeling your energy. Educational exercises will be implemented, as well as, homework assignments. Each session is specifically designed for the individual.


Our 3-month package includes: 

  • 1-hour zoom session or in-office session every week (12 total)
  • Unlimited texts/emails/phone calls throughout the week for questions (I respond within 24 hours)
  • Learning how to protect your energy so you don’t feel drained
  • Education on being an empath
  • Learning how to distinguish your energy from others’ energy
  • Learning appropriate channeling of your energy
  • Personal guidance through any struggles as an empath
  • Intuitive guidance from angels and spirit guides

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