About The Pink Lotus

“The Pink Lotus – Spiritual & Wellness Center”

“The Pink Lotus – Spiritual & Wellness Center” was officially founded in 2019 in Bally, PA. We offer Crystal Reiki Healing, Distance Reiki, Animal Reiki, various types of coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, and Tibetan Purification Rituals to help release negativity and addictions. In cases of spiritual hauntings or demonic activity, we can provide safe and effective in-home spiritual cleansing of clients and their home. We hand make and sell Reiki-infused jewelry and aromatherapy sprays and roll-on oils, tarot practice decks, smudge kits, etc. We also offer various types of classes and workshops in office and online throughout the year.


Services Offered:

  • Reiki Energy Healing (Crystal Reiki) 
  • Reiki Distance Healing 
  • Quantum Healing Reiki 
  • Animal Reiki 
  • Reiki Certification (levels 1, 2, Master, & Master Teacher) 
  • Tibetan Purification Rituals 
  • Spiritual House Cleansing/Demonic Banishments 
  • Spiritual Mentoring / Psychic Development
  • Empath Coaching 
  • Life Coaching 
  • Law of Attraction Coaching 
  • Past Life Regression / Akashic Records Retrieval 
  • Offering various types of classes/events (in-person & online) through the year


Feel free to message me with any questions prior to booking any service.


I look forward to helping you heal!